California Credit Union: Lodestar’s Latest Client

September 2017 – California Credit Union is the most recent client added to the Lodestar expanding client base.

Started in 1933, California Credit Union was born out of a need to provide reliable, rewarding, and convenient financial services to teachers and others in the education community. Almost a decade later, North Island Credit Union made a name for itself by providing banking resources to military and civil service personnel. To provide even greater opportunities to Californians throughout the state, California Credit Union and North Island Credit Union have joined forces.

A true partnership for the future, California Credit Union connects the institution’s longstanding focus on education, with roots in the local community, to their proud ties to the military. The credit union is committed to supporting the dreams of their members from crest to coast. California Credit Union is California’s credit union — serving driven, active members with superior products, enhanced member services, and an exceptional branch experience.

We are excited to have California Credit Union on board!