Mobilearth and Lodestar Partnership Integrates Remote Branch Tech with Business Intelligence

mobilearthOctober 19, 2015 – Omni-channel, mobile banking provider Mobilearth has partnered with data warehousing and business intelligence analytics provider Lodestar Technologies to provide an unprecedented integration between remote/mobile product offerings and business intelligence. The partnership also allows both companies to explore synergies that would help financial institutions leverage both technologies not only independently, but gain additional levels of value combining both.

Here’s how the two technologies will work together: Mobilearth’s Mobibranch can surface any and all data that exists in Lodestar’s Data Store data warehouse, which now opens the door to all customer data points that the institution has stored over the history of that customer. These data points can now be organized in any fashion to enhance the experience of the staff/customer interaction.

In addition, the financial institution now has the ability to attach any new data point to the customer in the Lodestar data warehouse and it will be instantly available to staff using Mobibranch – such as identifying the next best product opportunity or alerting staff to customer activity from a system other than the banking system (maybe the customer applied for a loan yesterday). In short, financial institutions can easily mine data in the warehouse and expose it to staff through Mobibranch.

“Combining both products creates a new story that has not been told before in the marketplace,” says Lodestar’s Director of Account Management Patrick O’Neill. “Using a multi-sourced data warehouse as a data repository to help drive growth through mobile channels really isn’t being done on any scale anywhere in the market. Lodestar and Mobilearth want to be on the cutting edge of driving that vision into a reality. Our partnership allows us to achieve this goal.”

“The goal at Mobilearth is to consistently deliver the best product that will provide the highest level of functionality and benefits to financial institutions and their consumers,” states Mobilearth CEO Tia Lee. “Our partnership with Lodestar helps to ensure we are offering the best product possible with a ton of functionality built in.”

About Lodestar Technologies
Much like a lodestar in the sky, Lodestar Technologies Inc. is a guiding light through the vast world of technology. Lodestar provides data warehousing, business intelligence analytics and professional services solutions to financial institutions looking for assistance with the increasingly complex technology systems required to bring efficiency, sustainability and profitability to their business.

Lodestar’s core competency lies in its ability to remove the complexity of IT, so clients can focus on meeting their core business mandate. Today’s competitive marketplace demands focus on efficiency and profitability. Placing trust in Lodestar allows its clients to take full advantage of the power of the Lodestar platform and its associated business intelligence applications, while they concentrate on building their business, reducing inefficiencies, and enhancing their bottom line. For more information, visit:

About Mobilearth
Mobilearth was founded with the purpose of granting customers and staff unparalleled freedom and mobility. We aim to provide financial institutions with the most powerful, feature packed software possible. We do not simply provide an app but a full range of products designed to meet your customer needs on any platform.

Incorporated in 2005, Mobilearth provides an omni-channel mobile banking experience for financial institution members and customers. MobiBranch is the newest product for the omni-channel mobile banking experience, designed for financial institutions to expand branch reach. For more info, visit:

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Patrick O’Neill, Director of Account Management
Lodestar Technologies Inc.
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