Satori Consulting and Lodestar Technologies Partnership


One of the critical differentiators in business today is a company’s ability to truly understand – and even anticipate the needs of its customers. Data has been proclaimed as the solution to achieving this objective, but many businesses lack the insight and capabilities required to accomplish this challenging goal.

That’s why Lodestar Technologies Inc., leaders in Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing services has partnered with Satori Consulting Inc., who excel at developing comprehensive Customer Segmentation and Analytics strategies for businesses. With this new partnership, Lodestar and Satori are helping to fill a much needed void in the marketplace by providing their customers with this unique ‘best of both worlds’ offering.

satori-wheelLeveraging their proprietary Customer Segmentation solution, Satori provides businesses with a unique view of their customers, which is based on their 1) Engagement with the company (relative affinity for the company), and 2) Future Buying Potential (likelihood of purchasing their products or services in the future).

This methodology divides customers into Six (6) distinct and separate segments based on the two attributes mentioned above. Customers progress through these six segments as their needs change based on their propensity to buy in the future and their level of engagement with the organization.

To enhance the sophistication of this predictive model, a Channel Preference filter was created that defines how customers prefer to transact with the business. This segmentation model, which also produces Next Best Product scoring, can be applied to highly targeted campaigns as well as used in developing strategy, demonstrating its flexibility and broad application.

This segmentation model can now also deliver real-time data to customers through the Lodestar BI platform, further substantiating its relevance and value. Companies will now have access to the most current data possible, enabling them to create more timely and effective marketing campaigns and programs.

To learn more about their Business Intelligence and Customer Analytics services and solutions, visit, contact Satori Consulting at, or you can reach Lodestar Technologies at