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Following is a list of available apps that plug into the Data Warehouse.

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Opportunity Mining & Management

A business intelligence application that automatically mines through your data looking for sales and service opportunities for your staff to pursue.  Each case is tracked through to completion and the case history can be analyzed in business intelligence.

Fraud Management
A business intelligence application designed to minimize fraud-related losses by providing a central repository for all members and accounts with confirmed or suspected fraudulent activity. This allows FIs to report on fraud cases to identify trends and to increase service levels by automating processes such as providing credits.
Data Quality Management
Business Intelligence app that allows the client to establish business rules that, if not followed, generate automated exceptions that are automatically assigned to staff for repair.
Collections Management

This application is designed to streamline your collections process – create and manage cases through to completion and analyze your case history through business intelligence.

Task Management
A business intelligence application designed to improve FI efficiency by automating identification, and streamlining processing, of any key business activities (such as credit reviews) within the FI. The application reviews your data nightly and automatically generates tasks based on FI-defined rules. Tasks are then queued for your staff to action and are tracked through to completion. Task history is retained so it’s available for analysis and reporting in business intelligence.
Overdraft Management

A business intelligence application designed to automate the Pay/Return decision on overdrawn deposit accounts based on FI-defined criteria. Staff can access key details such as current account balance from directly within the Overdraft Management application to support review of any decisions that appear to warrant further evaluation before Pay/Return transaction and fee decisions are determined.

Complaint Management
A business intelligence application designed to streamline your complaint management process. It allows users to manage and track complaints using cases that are manually input by your employees. Data related to cases is captured in the data warehouse, allowing the FI to report on active cases, identify trends and more.
App that allows the client to generate pre-populated forms for scenarios such as account opening, card agreements at the time those activities are occurring with the member. Vital to a financial institution’s paperless strategy.
Service Charge Calculator
Allows the client to be able to calculate accrued service charges for accounts closed mid-month.
Service Charge Audit
Allows the client the ability to review the accuracy of its deposit service charges posted each month.
Commercial Service Charge
Allows institutions to calculate a service charge based on the amount of cash and number of cheques being deposited into accounts under applicable products (i.e. a handling charge).
Equifax Extract
Allows the client the ability to report Chequing lines of credit (SAOD) in Metro2 format to the credit bureau.
EMT Match and Kill
The Email Money Transfer service is offered by Central1 allows persons to send or receive funds using email notifications. To assist with settlement balancing of these transactions Lodestar has created the e-Transfer Match and Kill app which takes the transaction file provided by Central1 to the client and is uploaded to the Lodestar server on daily basis and captures the exception data. The data is then organized and presented as a BI Publisher report.

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