Oracle Business Intelligence can enhance your ability to generate valuable insight from your data to improve productivity, increase efficiencies, and gain critical competitive advantage for your business.

By performing a comprehensive analysis of your data and applying appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs), Oracle Business Intelligence will provide a current and predictive view of your business, granting you the assurance you need to make informed and assertive decisions that can boost your profitability and ensure you keep on track with pre-set goals.

The application features interactive dashboards to provide monitoring of your exceptional business events, allowing you to review past occurrences and helping to predict future exceptional business events, so you can take preemptive action.

With a customized implementation of Oracle Business Intelligence, you will be able to:

  • Identify, monitor and predict exceptional business events
  • Perform in-depth data mining
  • Carry out ongoing statistical analysis
  • Execute ad hoc queries and create scheduled reporting and delivery
  • Access information via easy-to-use interactive dashboards

Working in conjunction with the Lodestar Data Store, Oracle BI allows you to use technology to your best advantage – helping you to run your business better, to create and maintain efficiencies wherever possible, and ultimately, to increase profitability and opportunities for growth.

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